WWE Mayhem Mod Apk 1.69.132 Unlimited money

WWE Mayhem Mod Apk

WWE Mayhem

Version: 1.69.132 Size: 228MB

App information

App Name: WWE Mayhem
Category: Action
Size: 228MB
Current Version: 1.69.132
Update: Sep 21, 2023
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Rating: 4.4 ( 724,065 )
Installs: 10,000,000+
Requirements: 4.4 and up

WWE Mayhem Mod Apk 1.69.132 Unlimited money latest version popular Action game for Android. Download this new version game for free from safe and secure direct links.

WWE Mayhem Overview:

WWE Mayhem is a  wrestling game for mobile devices that allows players to create their own custom Superstar and compete in fast-paced action matches.The game allows you to battle it out in the ring as your favorite WWE superstar. There are also a variety of match types to play, including singles matches, tag team matches, and Royal Rumble matches. You can play against other players online and compete in matches to become the champion.

Spectacular Roster:

One look at the WWE Mayhem roster is all it takes to see that this game is going to be a lot of fun. From current superstars like AJ Styles and Brock Lesnar to legendary icons like The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin, there’s something for everyone. Not to mention, there are also plenty of NXT stars on the roster, so you can get a taste of the future of WWE. Whether you’re a fan of Raw, SmackDown, or NXT, there’s something for you in this game.

6 Distinctive Superstars Classes:

Brawler: A powerful melee fighter who excels at close-quarters combat.

Highflyer: A nimble Superstar who specializes in aerial attacks.

Powerhouse: A brute force Superstar who relies on raw strength and power to dominate opponents.

Technician: A well-rounded Superstar who is equally skilled in both striking and grappling.

All-Rounder: A versatile Superstar who is proficient in all areas of combat.

Specialist: A Superstar who specializes in a particular area of combat, such as submission holds or aerial maneuvers.

Which class is right for you? Experiment with each one and see which suits your playstyle the best. With six classes to choose from, there’s something for everyone in this game.

Tag Team and Weekly Events:

can earn some great rewards that will help you improve your account. The first is the new tag team event, which will see you team up with another player to take on a series of tough opponents. There are also weekly events that will give you the chance to earn additional rewards, and these can be found in the game’s main menu.

So make sure to check out the new tag team event and the weekly events, and see if you can earn some great rewards in this game!

WWE Mayhem Mod Apk

Alliance & Alliance Events:

In WWE Mayhem, there are two main types of events: Alliance Events and Alliance Wars. Both types of events are designed to test your team’s strength, coordination, and teamwork.

Alliance Events are one-time, short-term events that usually last for a few days. They typically have specific objectives that all players in the alliance must work together to complete. There is usually a leaderboard associated with Alliance Events, and the top-performing alliances will be rewarded with exclusive prizes.

WWE Mayhem Mod Apk Mod Menu

Alliance Wars are long-term, ongoing events that take place over the course of several weeks. They pit alliances against each other in a competition to see who can earn the most points by completing various tasks and challenges. The top alliances at the end of the event will be rewarded with exclusive prizes.

Both types of events are a lot of fun, and they provide a great opportunity to test your skills against other players. So be sure to join an alliance and participate in as many Alliance Events and Alliance Wars as you can!


The graphics in This game are truly amazing. They perfectly capture the look and feel of a WWE match, with all the bright lights and explosions that you would expect. The character models are also very well done, and look just like their real-life counterparts.

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WHAT’S NEW In This Version?


Collect Mayhem Tickets across the Road to WrestleMania campaign to participate in WrestleMania 38 Events. Win Ltd. Edition Undertaker.

Play WrestleMania 38 Quests & Main Card Events. Win Superstar Keys.

Celebrate Undertaker’s induction in the Hall of Fame with ‘The Streak’ campaign.

Participate in Mayhem Clash. Use Mayhem Coins to get featured tag teams.

Get the new Usos, along with King Woods & Sir Kofi.

Introducing the ‘LEGENDARY’ difficulty mode.

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